Case Studies

Business Owner

When a successful executive leaves an established company to fund a startup, work for a smaller firm or follow a personal passion, the experienced team of advisers at Riverview Capital can help.

For clients who exit the corporate world, Riverview Capital Advisers is a valuable resource. Our team analyzes funding options for startups, including coordinating debt and equity providers for operations and future acquisitions. We help to craft business plans and financial models and consult on building teams that will drive revenue. We evaluate the economic value and tax impact of transitioning deferred compensation funds, stock options, and other benefits.


As one chapter ends, another begins. We understand the importance of critical decisions that will impact both career and family.  Combining hard data with an appreciation for the emotional aspects of such planning, we guide our clients on the path to an exciting new phase of life and career.


Top performing professionals spend years building relationships, experience and knowledge that allow them to reach full earning potential. Successful professionals such as lawyers and accountants become partners and receive equity interest in their firms.

During these crucial career building years, many of our clients are also starting families, raising children, and caring for elderly parents. When life gets complicated, the advisers at Riverview Capital draw on years of experience integrating business and personal planning. We help with compensation projections, wealth building, and estate planning.


By creating a detailed balance sheet and analyzing the entire portfolio of assets, our team helps clients generate a vision for the future. Taking tax and estate issues into account, the Riverview team constructs a plan to fund liquidity needs, college and retirement planning and philanthropy, all the while carefully managing risk through investment portfolio construction.

Many of our clients want more than a plan for today – they seek to build financial independence for future generations. Riverview Capital’s investment management and financial modeling can help make this dream a reality.


Building a career, a business, a family – all involve a balance of reward and sacrifice. Riverview Capital’s advisers help you make sure the rewards outweigh the sacrifices. Together, you and your team will develop a comprehensive estate planning strategy to ensure the economic security of your family and future generations, employing both wealth creation and wealth preservation techniques.

Since the decision to sell a business or make major career changes can come either by choice or by circumstance, it is important to plan for both. The process can be simplified with thoughtful consideration ahead of time.

While the Riverview team excels at preparing personal financials, cash flow projections and asset protection strategies, we also know it is critical to consider the impact of changes on the people around you.  Through candid conversations and with trust built over time, we’ll help you define the choices that need to be made and the best strategies to achieve your goals.

Life is full of hills and valleys, and your team of advisers will be with you on the ride.